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  • Stefan Pfister alias ceiranharmony

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TFN Lit boards nick: ColeFardreamer (previously Ceiranharmony)

Note: Ever since creating my nickname of ceiranharmony there seem to have popped up several imposters or people using similiar nicks online. Those are not me!

  • CoAdmin of StarWarsSourcebooks fb page
  • CoAdmin www.groschenhexe.de (together with my wife, the original Groschenhexe)
  • Bookseller, Author, Multitalented Solutionist
  • proud to be thanked amongst other fans by Jason Fry and Dan Wallace in the Essential Atlas and Essential Guide to Warfare
  • New canon has a planet named Ceiran, though I could not yet confirm if I was the inspiration for it!

Author of:


  • several articles for Teekay Magazin (Dutch & Belgium Star Wars Fanclub Magazine) http://www.teekay-421.be/
  • Teekay Mag #65: Several Celebration Europe Coverage Mini-Articles
  • Teekay Mag #67: Topps Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope Radio Drama Kaartset (2013)
  • Teekay Mag #67: Geschiedenis van de groot- te van de Death Stars (The History of the Size of the Death Stars)
  • Teekay Mag #70: De geschiedenis van de grootte en de plannen van de Millennium Falcon (The History of the Size and Deckplans of the Millennium Falcon))
  • Teekay Mag #71: Size matters not: Kleinere ruimtetuigen en verborgen verrassingen! (Size matters not! Small Spacecraft and hidden surprises!)



Art/Design of:

  • Journal of the Whills Magazine (Official German Star Wars Magazine Abonnement only Version): 

92 – Tunisia map

93 – England maps and Whippendell Woods map

95 – Death Valley map