This list of recommendations and useful links will give you all you’ll ever need to stay up to date:


Official Websites

Star Wars News |

Fantasy Flight Games – Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games.


BLIND : DESIGN & MOVING IMAGE FOR FILM. (Company did all Computer screens for Disney era SW movies and many other movies! Galleries are worth to check out HD pics of stuff from movie backgrounds)

Star Wars Authentics – The Official Online Shop of Star Wars


Forum / Boards / Reddits

Literature | Jedi Council Forums

Star Wars Leaks Reddit

Star Wars Reference Reddit

Star Wars Speculation Reddit

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Reddit


Recommended Discord Channels

(most SW Reddits have their own with more content usually on Discord than Reddit!)

Star Wars Leaks Discord

Star Wars Speculation Discord

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Discord


Facebook Pages & Groups

Star Wars Sourcebooks – Startseite

The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline – Startseite

Star Wars Upcoming Books & Comics – Beiträge

Star Wars Rare Vintage Photos


Youtube Channels

Star Wars – YouTube  (Star Wars Show, Livestreams, Trailers & more!)

Star Wars Kids – YouTube (Lots of Animated Shorts for young fans and completists alike; Rollout, Galaxy of Adventures, Forces of Destiny, etc.)

DisneyMusicVEVO – YouTube (Galaxy’s Edge Music and more Disney Music for free listening to full tracks!)

ILMVisualFX – YouTube – YouTube


Lore Blogs

This Week in Aurebesh | That’s no moon, that’s a SWTOR blog!

NumidianPrime – A blog dedicated to analysis of Star Wars canon

Star Wars Shadow Council – Fans writing on the continuing Star Wars mythos with a focus on analysis and speculation.

New In-Universe Calendar/Dating System – /r/StarWarsReference Blog

star wars – Missing text of „The Prophecy of The Chosen One“ – Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

Alien Anthology – Your source of information on the species of the Star Wars galaxy!

the whills

Star Wars Obscura – It’s a big galaxy out there, bigger than you know.

Falcon A!


Art Blogs


Milners Blog | Do or do not, There is no try.  (Art, Posters, Marketing images and more including leaked and usually high-res versions and clean versions of anything interesting!)


Official Artists

ArtStation – Artworks  (many official artits for concept art, comics, game design, etc. are represented here with high res work samples!)


Official Authors personal pages & Endnotes

Jason Fry’s Dorkery – Page 1 of 102

Daniel Wallace’s Geekosity


Hashtags on Social Media


Upcoming Literature

Once Upon a Galaxy | Star Wars Upcoming Books & Comics

Facebook Page: Star Wars Upcoming Books & Comics

Jedi-Bibliothek | Das Portal für Star Wars-Literatur (German language website, very useful is especially their „Erscheinungskalender“ with all kinds of filter/sorting functions!)

Erscheinungskalender – Jedi-Bibliothek (useful release date lists, timelines for UK and US market)


Upcoming Toys & Merchandise Home Page | Serving Star Wars Collectors Worldwide | Die größte deutschsprachige Übersicht für alle Star Wars-Sammler! –

Star Wars Hasbro Artikel und Merchandise – Lost Boys World



Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline Latest News

The Star Wars Timeline Almanac

Star Wars Atlas – Timelines

Star Wars Timeline Gold (no longer updated but one of the best!)

TheForce.Net – Time Tales – Latest News  (older, no longer updated, but nice)


Galaxy Maps:

Star Wars Galaxy Map – Explore and search the Star Wars galaxy!

Star Wars Atlas by Modi



The Complete Wermo’s Guide to Huttese & Other Star Wars languages

Mando’a Language Center


Useful Online Files:

SW year conversion – Google Tabellen


Galaxy’s Edge Lore:

Datapad – Galaxy’s Edge – Cargo Locations – Google Docs

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Data-pad App Play Guide – Google Docs


Useful Shops:

You searched for star wars | Incredibuilds

Shopservice Dein zuverlässiger Partner wenn es um Spiele geht!

Buchhandlung Morgenwelt Berlin

Shop Star Wars Movies Wall Decals & Graphics | Fathead Star Wars


Geek/Nerd News:

Fantha Tracks – Star Wars News In A Single File

Jedi-Bibliothek | Das Portal für Star Wars-Literatur – Aktuelle Star Wars News

Jedi News – Your Daily Star Wars News Resource



WWW.STARWARZ.COM – Everything for the Star Wars Enthusiast

Star Wars – HQ screencaps of everything in the Star Wars Universe!

Star Wars Technical Commentaries


Art related Pages:

TheForce.Net – Books – Foreign Covers

star wars – Comic Art Member Gallery Results – Page 1 Links to archived Websites long gone and past versions of current revamped sites:

Living Force Archive


Useful Tools for Online and Offline Life:

Instructables – How to make anything! (DIY help for nearly anythingyou want to do and craft, be it for Cosplay, Deco or else, including 3D printing and much more, even for SW and other fandoms)

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine

Webpage archive

Auctions Archive

Auction | Prop Store – Ultimate Movie Collectables


Wikipedias and other huge Encyclopedias:

Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

New files on this wiki – Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki  (all new uploaded images of wookieepedia in chronological order, newest first)

Jedipedia, das Star Wars-Wiki’s SWTOR Database

Yodapedia, the Dutch Star Wars Wiki

Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

TheForce.Net – Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encylopedia – Latest News


Ingame Text Archives:

Library of Codexes


Abandoned Games Lore and Art Archives:

The Vault – Home

Research Document on Battlefront III and IV (2006-2009) – Google Docs

Free Radical Archive | FANDOM powered by Wikia


Lostworlds and sites archiving them (legally as far as I am aware!):

Star Wars Lostworlds

Hasslein Books|Resources for Further Information

TheForce.Net – Time Tales – Arcana Historica – 1977

Star Wars Legends | Once Upon a Galaxy


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